2019 Red Paddle CO. 12’6” Sport including Red Travel Bag, and Titan Pump *PRE SEASON SALE!*

2019 Red Paddle CO. 12’6” Sport including Red Travel Bag, and Titan Pump *PRE SEASON SALE!*

Red Paddle CO.

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This was our favourite board in summer 2019.  The board is very quick on lakes, extremely rigid for it's width and designed and built by the best inflatable boards on the market, Red Paddle CO.  If your looking to take your game to the next level, this board offers the stability and speed to do so.  At 30" wide it travels very well, maintains good balance and while being extremely stiff and rigid.  We can't say enough about this board.  

A couple of things that people overlook on an inflatable board is the bag and pump. This is where Red boards blow away the competition.   How quickly and efficiently you can inflate your board and get out on the water matters a lot.  Especially when your doing it frequently.  The titan pump from Red is the best pump on the market that makes inflation a breeze.  

Being able to transport, store and pack your board up is also a concern.  The newly designed roller bag is by far the best in class.  This bag has ample room for packing the board, has a waterproof inner line, and even has a slot for your 3 piece paddle.  The bag also converts into a backpack which makes transport very convenient.  

Who's it for? People looking for more speed and glide to enjoy longer touring trips

Our range of Sport inflatable SUPs are designed for paddlers who want to up their game from our Ride range. They offer enhanced performance, extra capabilities as well as plenty of class.

The 12’6″ Sport is the longest of the three, providing the most glide and speed whilst still being easy to paddle. It is a great board to bridge the gap to our race boards however the 30″ width offers great stability so you can really enjoy longer touring trips. If you are looking for a board that will eat up the miles in a leisurely fashion then look no further. The Red embossed decked not only provides a great cosmetic finish but also offers additional grip whilst paddling.

As with all of our Sport boards, the 12’6″ comes as standard with a durable fin from world leading surfboard fin creators FCS. They slot into the fin box easily by hand and are secured in place with a finger bolt meaning you don’t need to take your tool kit to the beach.

The 12’6″ Sport comes with our industry leading Titan Pump which enables you to pump your board in half the time, with half the effort compared to other SUP pumps. The board is also easily transported and stored in our All Terrain backpack which allows you to Explore Your World

Length 12'6"
Width 30"/762mm
Thickness 5.9"/150mm
Volume 350 litres
Rider Weight up to 150kgs/330lbs